Sometimes it might be necessary to send off a soil sample to determine your specific needs if you are planning on producing a specific crop. We can help you with that as well or you can send it off yourself. We use the Texas A&M Soil laboratory to send our samples to and we usually have results back within a week- 2 weeks. Click on the link above to find out how to take your soil sample

We are now able to offer a do-it-yourself small spray rig for liquid fertilizer applications. We try to have a solution for every job, big or small whether you want us to do it or you would rather do it yourself..... we are always changing to accommodate our customers! Call James at Jackson Bros 325-691-1110 or Kevin at Acco 325-676-3333 to schedule this rig and if you need further assistance we can get you in touch with our Fertilizer and chemical expert, Jimmy Wylie.

We are now able to offer Aerial Spraying! We are excited to have the opportunity to offer aerial spraying service to eradicate your mesquite trees and prickly pears as well as to put out pesticide or herbicide on your row crops. We even have the ability to seed grasses by plane as well. Call us today to set up your consultation with our aerial spray specialist to determine what will best suit your needs. Call Kevin Jackson at 325-676-3333 to discuss the details.

If you need fertilizer or pesticide put out on your farm whether 5 acres or 500 acres, we can do that for you. We have a minimum application fee of $150 or $6/ acre up to 50 acres, and only $5/ acre on larger acreage within 25 miles of our store. We can do liquid or dry fertilizer application. Our qualified staff can help you decide which fertilizer is right for your needs and/or if you need to add a pesticide or herbicide to that mixture as well. Call Jackson Bros at 325-691-1110 to schedule your application.

 If you would rather do the fertilizer application yourself, we also have fertilizer buggies that we can have filled and ready with the dry fertilizer of your choice. You can do it yourself and then bring the buggy back to us. Call James at Jackson Bros. Feed at

325-691-1110 to schedule your buggy.  

Bulk Deliveries

Are you tired of filling up your deer feeders by hand? Let our qualified professional staff fill them for you. We deliver top of the line Record Rack bulk deer feed and clean corn all over the Big Country. We service feeders in the field, breeder pens, and even over-head bins. Buy in bulk and save! Call us today and let us customize a deer supplement program to meet your specific needs. Our Acco Farm & Ranch location handles the bulk deliveries. Contact Kevin or Keith at 325-676-3333. We can deliver bulk cubes as well at a very competitive price. If you have a trip hopper of your own and want to fill it up, we can accommodate that as well. Just give us a call for current pricing at 325-676-3333

Smaller Deliveries

Both of our locations can make small deliveries such as taking round bales out to your pasture for your horses or delivering a couple tons of feed out to your farm or ranch. Call Jackson Bros. at 325-691-1110 and ask to speak to James or Acco F&R at 325-676-3333 and ask for Keith or Kevin to schedule your small delivery today. We keep hay and all of our livestock feed in stock any day of the year.

Fertilizer / Pesticide / Herbicide Application

If you need a whole truck load of feed delivered to your farm or ranch, give us a call and we can arrange that.

Call James at Jackson Bros. 325-691-1110 or Keith at Acco 325-676-3333.

Our Acco Farm & Ranch location offers bulk feeds for both cattle and deer that you can pick up yourself or we can deliver and put out in your feeders. Call Kevin or Keith at Acco today to schedule your delivery and get current pricing at 325-676-3333.

Feed delivery by sack or in bulk

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