Serving Abilene & the Big Country since 1983

We buy 'em, sell 'em, crack 'em,

and we'll even ship 'em!

We buy pecans in the shell by the pound. We also keep shelled pecans in stock for sale year round. Check out our GIFTS page to find out more. We can crack your pecans year round for you to keep and eat. Most times of the year, we can have your pecans cracked and back to you while you shop for just a few minutes in our store. Call for details and pricing today at 325-691-1110 for our Treadaway location or 325-676-3333 for our S 11th location. We have been cracking pecans for years, but we now have a new pecan cracking machine that does a "farm crack", and then tumbles and blows the pecans which means a better cleaner product for you, our customer. We are the only place for miles that is able to offer this service.